Cords are No Longer a Thing to Hide

Cords are No Longer a Thing to Hide

Taryn Williford
Mar 24, 2009

We spend most of our time here at Unplggd trying to help you hide the unsightly cords that tangle and dangle behind your desks and media centers. Check out posts like the one about the DIY pegboard under-the-table solution and the one about the top ten cord control solutions for examples if you're new to this sort of thing. But now we're loving the idea of making the cord an important part of the gadget's design and—in the case of that chair over there—its function...

We spotted this Milan Design Week preview at Core 77 and our eyes were drawn to a collection of chairs with one unique little member: A lawn-chair like frame who's seat and back are woven with the cord of a bare light lamp that defies gravity and stands straight up from one arm.

Also in the little sneak peek was a wall sconce lamp called Cable Sketch that allows you to "draw" with the cord on the wall.

Will these start a trend in our own homes of letting the cords fall where they may? Will we stop trying to hide them and start embracing them as the life lines to the gadgets we love so much? We can't say for sure, but we are really loving the way the alarm clock cord dangles gently off the platform bed in this picture from ATSF's Sally's mom's bedroom:

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