Cords: If You Can't Hide Them, Embellish Them!

Cords: If You Can't Hide Them, Embellish Them!

Keeping unsightly cords out of view is not always possible. That's why I like this idea from Finnish blogger Naku of Bambula that embraces and embellishes cords that are within view.

All you need is some decorative tape and a steady hand. To see more, check out Bambula. (Link is in Finnish.)

Similarly, Kate Pruitt over at Design*Sponge embellished an extension cord into a conversation-starter sculptural centerpiece rather than trying to hide it.

And when there is no choice but to run cables along or onto a wall, with a little planning and creativity, an eyesore can be turned into something beautiful.

(Images: Naku; Design*Sponge; When You Can't Hide Power Cords, Embrace Them)

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