Core Memory

Core Memory

Jun 8, 2007

What did your first computer look like? The book Core Memory takes a look at that, by offering " A Visual Survey of Vintage Computers • Featuring Machines from the Computer History Museum." The few pictures we've seen (some of which are after the jump) are beautiful, artistic, and intriguing.

"...Photos capture these historically important machines—including the Eniac, Crays 1–3, Apple I and II—while authoritative text profiles each, telling the stories of their innovations and peculiarities." Core Memory, published by Chronicle books, retails for $35.

These pictures and related information are from the excerpts from the book site.

Name: MINITEL Year Created: 1981 (THIS MODEL) Creator: FRANCE TELECOM/ALCATEL Price: FREE TO FRENCH CITIZENS (Emphasis ours, because we couldn't believe it was offered free...anyone know more or experience this computer/freebie?)

Name: COMPAQ PORTABLE Year Created: 1983 Creator: COMPAQ COMPUTER CORPORATION Cost: $3,950 Memory: 128KB RAM Processor: INTEL 8088 Operating System: MS-DOS (A slightly newer version was our first portable computer, and the first computer we had our in bedroom, a huge step toward feeling like an independent preteen.)

Name: NEAC 2203 Year Created: 1960 Creator: NIPPON ELECTRIC COMPANY (NEC) Cost: ¥27,643,000 Memory: DRUM 2,040 BITS
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