Co-Sleeping Accessories

Co-Sleeping Accessories

Alejandra Valera
May 16, 2007

When you think of co-sleeping accessories, you probably think, "What? Like a pillow?" and for the most part, you're right. You really don't need to get extra stuff to co-sleep -- all you really need for a family bed is a family, and a bed.

For some new parents, however, or those thinking about co-sleeping, these accessories may come in handy.

Co-sleeping usually equals nighttime breastfeeding, so while the Bela Baby Lighted Nursing Pillow, $29, might seem a bit silly, it looks quite helpful on those occasions when you just need a bit of light.

If'd you like the idea of a breastfeeding supportive pillow, like the Bela, but not necessarily the light, then the Nursing Nest Pillow, $42, might be right for you. It cradles the baby and helps him or her onto their side, while you nurse.

If you're afraid your child might roll off the bed at night, these two products will put your mind at ease.

The Humanity Family Bed Top Co-Sleeping Pillow, $189, is a giant bolster pillow that rests at the edge of the bed to prevent children falling off.

At $44, the Snug Tuck pillow is a more affordable take on the Humanity pillow and can be ordered in a variety of fabrics.

Good night and happy sleeping!

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