Costumes: Chickens!

Costumes: Chickens!

Carrie McBride
Oct 4, 2010
Look at these adorable chicken littles! It goes to show that chickens costume can work for the very young as well as for the walking and clucking. Click the thumbnail photo above to see the whole costume and click through to find out how the costumes were made.

Chicken aka: Nathan (10 months) location: Brooklyn, NY age group: infant difficulty level: super easy

materials: felt, feathers, onesie, cap and leggings description: I made the hat with felt and a pilots cap. I glued feather and felt to a white onesie. The most difficult part was finding the yellow leggings. Thanks Beth!

Chicken aka: Bella (2) location: Rexburg, ID age group: toddler difficulty level: semi-easy

materials: You need a few feather boas, two old white t shirts, batting, and yellow rubber cleaning gloves. That and a little hot glue should do it! description: I followed the Martha Stewart chicken costume instructions. Thanks Jenna!

Chicken aka: Annika (23 months) location: Woodland Hills, CA age group: toddler difficulty level: semi-easy

materials: 2 long white sleeved leotards, 1 bag of loose wool batting, 2 feather boas, red felt, white pilot's cap, yellow rubber gloves. description: Last year I did the Martha Stewart chicken costume for our almost 2 year old. If you know how to sew it's quite easy to make, and if you're not too comfortable sewing there isn't much to sew so you should still be ok. The hardest part was getting the right rubber gloves for the feet. They don't tell you on the MS instructions that you need to buy the industrial strength gloves in yellow (most often found in blue or orange) not the light weight traditional dish washing gloves. They rip too easily when trying to get them on the shoes. Our daughter would still wear this costume this year if she could fit into it. It was a total, i mean TOTAL hit. We were stopped all night long to get pictures of her in it. See more of Annika's chicken costume at Mamma May I. Thanks Angela!

Chicken aka: Mia (9 months) location: Oakland, CA age group: infant difficulty level: super easy

materials: Felt, feather boa description: This costume was super easy- I sewed red felt on the hat and Yellow felt on the feet and wrapped the baby in the baby bjorn in the feather boa. The hardest part was finding the yellow tights. Thanks Cirila!

Chicken aka: Zoe (5 months) location: Annapolis, MD age group: infant difficulty level: semi-easy

materials: plain long-sleeved onesie, white feather boa (from craft shop), pink tights, white "pilot" hat (already owned from Hannah Anderson), red felt, two handfuls of batting/stuffing (cotton balls will work too), thread (red and white), sewing machine or hand sewing needles description: First sew feather boa all over the onesie until it was secure (small tacking stitches work fine). Even if you don't sew this is very easy to do! I would imagine you could hot glue it on also, but that might get messy. Then draw a wavy pattern on a piece of cardboard for the comb on top of the hat (see pic for detail). Use the pattern to cut out two pieces of red felt and sew along the top edge (you can use a sewing machine or do it by hand). Flip it inside out so the seam doesn't show and sew it to the top of the pilot's cap. Leave a small hole and stuff the comb with batting until full (a chopstick or pencil is helpful to push the stuffing into the front). Stitch hole closed. Voila! You're done. Now you just have to get the little one to sit still so you can put it on! Thanks Pamela!

Chicken aka: Olivia (2) location: Lincoln, NE age group: toddler difficulty level: super easy

materials: white feather boas, red felt, batting, t-shirt, long sleeved, onesie, pilot cap, dishwashing gloves, tights description: sewed t shirt to long sleeve onesie, stuffed with batting, pinned on white feather boas, cut crown from red felt, sewed together, stuffed, sewed onto pilot cap, stuffed fingers of gloves, cut slit for shoes, voila! Thanks Sarah!

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