Could You Live Without Central Heat In The Winter?

Could You Live Without Central Heat In The Winter?

Cambria Bold
Jan 22, 2010

It's one thing to turn your heat down and quite another to live without central heat at all. A recent article in The New York Times profiled a group of people who've forgone heat entirely, either as a lesson in creative adaptation and thrift, environmentalism, or an unwillingness to give up their unique home set-up. (Live and work loft, anyone?)

According to the article, these individuals get by with space heaters, wood stoves, house parties (more bodies brings the temperature up), and lots of blankets. Some live in the cold for "its clarifying effects." One woman on the Upper West Side in New York says that "we didn't evolve to sit on a chair in a temperature-controlled environment staring at a screen all day."

Read the whole article here and then tell us: could you do it?

(Image: Fine Little Day)

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