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Best of 2011

Google analytics is one of my favorite tools of the trade, allowing us insight into the posts that took off with readers across the web - getting shared, emailed, tweeted, facebooked, linked and passed on over and over - pushing them to the top of the heap, pageviews-wise. Here are the top ten 2011 posts, from 10 to 1 - think of it as the Apartment Therapy version of that other year end countdown that takes place at midnight...

• 10 IKEA 2012 Preview: Stylists' Design Ideas Worth Stealing
• 9 Small Spaces, NYC Style: 10 Homes Under 600 Square Feet
• 8 Hacking the IKEA Lack: One Table, Ten Different Ways
• 7 How To Make a Hanging Gutter Garden
• 6 10 DIY Wall Art Ideas That Anyone Can Do

• 5 Home is Where the Heart Is: Pinterest Challenge
• 4 Back To School DIY: Melted Crayons on Canvas
• 3 30 Projects for the 3-Day Weekend
• 2 How To Make Your Own Book Planters for Succulents

...and, last but not least...

• 1 Make a Big Splash: Clear Glass Tub !

* * *
Welcome to Apartment Therapy's Best of 2011 roundup! From December 19 through January 1 we are rounding up our favorite (and your favorite) posts from the past year.

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