(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

The best kitchen designs marry dream-world looks with real-world function. Wilsonart® HD® High Definition® Laminate countertops are so magazine-spread gorgeous that it's hard to believe they're also super affordable and take-your-best-shot durable. And eco-friendly—so much so that they've found a fan in one of our favorite environmentally conscious designers, Danny Seo. Watch the video Danny made especially for Apartment Therapy below, where he compares Wilsonart's laminate side-by-side with marble and granite!

What makes this laminate a smart way to go green?

Natural resources like marble and granite are lovely, but they're sometimes mined from deep within the earth—natural, but not ideal. Wilsonart® HD® High Definition® Laminates pack all the visual punch of these high-impact materials without impacting the environment, thanks to a conscientious (and surprising!) source: paper. Recycled paper or paper made from trees in rapidly renewing forests account for 70% of this FSC-certified laminate.

Easy on the eyes, wallet and environment? Hey, if it's good enough for Danny Seo, it's good enough for us. 

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