Cowhide Rugs: Perfect for Red Wine Enthusiasts & Klutzes

Cowhide Rugs: Perfect for Red Wine Enthusiasts & Klutzes

Lindsay Tella
Sep 26, 2011

You love them or you hate them, but the undeniable truth is that these rugs are totally resilient. When we purchased our cowhide rug it was more of an aesthetic preference than anything else, but the added benefit of it's durability was the icing on the cake.

Placing our cowhide rug in the living room, where we eat, drink and spend the majority of our time, I anticipated that our pristine little hide would not maintain its cleanliness for long. The first time I spilled a few drops of red wine on the rug I frantically grabbed a towel and began blotting the wine, happy to find that it sopped right up. A few months down the road, we hosted a wine and cheese gathering in our living room, where an entire bottle of red wine crashed to the floor leaving a red puddle on the rug. This time the clean-up was a matter of quickly absorbing the liquid and gently scrubbing the area with a soapy cloth.

While I'm not suggesting total carelessness (or excessive drinking), with a little diligence and quick reflexes, maintaining a cowhide rug is relatively simple. Just be sure to soak up spills when they occur, and if need be, use a soapy cloth to remove a deeper stain.

Rugs are expensive, but life-cycle cost is an important consideration. When you know you're investing in something that will last, the initial expense may be worthwhile. Up until now our cowhide rug has had multiple encounters with food and beverages, but I'm happy to report that it's still stain-free!

Image: Lindsay Tella

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