Craft a Catch-All! 12 DIY Projects for Cute & Functional Small Home Organizers

Though we consistently encourage decluttering stuff from your life — get rid of the things you don't need that always seem to stack up around you — facing reality means coming to terms with the fact that sometimes there are just little items that need corralling. Instead of going out to buy pricey baskets and boxes, why not craft yourself a functional catch-all today?

Pictured above: Find a stylish and functional use for all your old denim jeans. Idea found on Oh Oh Blog.

This DIY braided jute basket is as nice-looking (and useful) as any store-bought one. Seen on Merry Thought.

Make this DIY rope bowl spotted on Cooking like Lou easily and in only an hour!

This project seen on Dream Green DIY isn't to DIY an entire catch-all, more to add some personality to an existing one you might have. Too cute not to share though.

This project found on Keightly mixes a leather look with a functional object.

Rustic and charming, this basket found on the effortless chic could hold anything you needed it and look great during a picnic.

Also spotted on Keightly is this cute DIY woven bowl basket.

Dandelion Drift has a neat woven felt basket DIY.

childerhouse has a basket that looks much more expensive than it is.

Finally find an adorable and functional use for all your old T-shirts with this project found on Corner Blog.

Another felt basket, this time seen on Oh Oh Blog.

Fabric and sewing skills requiring for this project on Haberdashery Fun, but the end result is worth the work!

What are your favorite DIY projects for creating crafty catch-alls that also look great?

(Image credits: Oh Oh Blog; Merry Thought; Cooking like Lou; Dream Green DIY; Keightly; the effortless chic; Keightly; Dandelion Drift; childerhouse; Corner Blog; Oh Oh Blog; Haberdashery Fun)