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Craft storage isn't an easy thing to tackle in the home. Though many dream of a large studio space, it's just not a reality. We love what this home crafter and artisan has done by turning to closet organization instead of cramped shelving! Another view after the jump.

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Flickr member and Apartment Therapy reader thefarmersdaughter was kind enough to share her organizational handiwork with us. She has heavier fabrics and those with more yardage up top in boxes, while smaller cuts stay 100% organized down below. We like the idea that there's no wasted space as shelves usually leave you with 3-4 inches of dead space for dust to collect.

How do you store your craft supplies? Make sure to tag your Flickr photos with "apartmenttherapychicago" so we can check it out. Don't forget to check out this post for more great ways to store your fabrics to keep them looking their best!

(Image: Flickr member thefarmersdaughter)

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