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Chilly rainy days are a fact of life for those of us in colder climates and during periods when darker days stretch on and on, it's easy to become a little restless. Sure, you can brave the weather, but most people have a tendency to want to nest inside. Instead of switching on the TV or breaking out the tablets, it could be the perfect time to get crafting...
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In our best effort at heading off cabin fever before winter descends, here are a list of some of our favorite DIY ideas and projects. There are projects listed for every skill level.
  • Tablet Case: There are many ways to make a tablet case whether you use a large moleskine, yarn, or fabric, however, for extra DIY bang for your buck, use material from old clothing to construct the case.
  • Scrub Bot: Make a little robot out of old computer fans, this one is a great very kid-friendly project.
  • Papercut Lamp: No need for electronics knowledge with this project just, cardstock, x-acto knife, glue, bulb and cord kit.
  • Altoids Tin Mini Speakers: Turn a pair of old headphones into mini speakers with this simple project.
  • Sparkleball: Another kid-friendly project, this one makes a light that is just perfect for the holidays.
  • Light Bulb Bud Vase: A classic project that creates a fun and simple vase that makes for a great inexpensive gift.
  • Tangle-free Headphones: Tired of your earbuds getting tangled? Grab some embroidery floss and get ready to relive your summer camp days with this project.
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What small DIY projects are a big hit in your home on wintry days?

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