(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Sometimes something initially considered broken/unusable is actually just waiting around for a creative mind to see its potential as something completely different. Amber and Stephen saved a beautiful old piano via Craigslist, but the problem was the "piano was broken and beyond repair". Thankfully, the creative duo saw the instrument had potential beyond music.

The all-white piano was refinished black, the insides gutted out, then outfitted with color-changing LED lighting, three audio speakers installed underneath (subwoofer at the feet of the piano), with Stephen's Apple LED display mounted onto the previous sheet music stand. The results are quite dramatic, though it could do with a little bit additional cable routing around the back instead of the side, if only to complete the otherwise exemplary example of creative reuse.

Check out further details and photos over at Mrs. Amber Apple's Piano Desk.

(Images: Mrs. Amber Apple)