Used home tech items can always be found on the cheap on our favorite free classifieds provider, Craigslist, and is undoubtedly a resource for anyone looking for a local bargain. And while iPhone applications are a dime a dozen, we found Craigsphone to be the most full-featured app out there when it comes down to feature set. From history viewing to posting and calling directly from your phone, and even the ability to track listings using the integrated-GPS on the iPhone is a definite plus for all you Craigslist-a-holics.

While our favorite feature by far on the Craigsphone is the GPS feature, the downside is that it only works well in San Francisco and Manhattan. We'd love to see it implemented in more areas since it surely does give the application much more added value to the application, especially if you're able to view items immediately within walking distance whenever you get into a bargain hunting mood.

The application is written by Next Mobile Web, author of the Dial Zero application, and like its other applications, is available for the very affordable price of zero dollars. Can't go wrong with free now, can we?
[via TUAW]