Crate and Barrel's All-in-One Media Center Solution

Crate and Barrel's All-in-One Media Center Solution

Sonia Zjawinski
May 12, 2008

We just got Crate and Barrel's catalog in and are psyched to see a well designed media center at a reasonable price.

The cabinet has creative solutions for holding and hiding your flat screen, DVDs, A/V components, and art books, all for $600...

Four recessed cubbies along each side of the cabinet hold a total of 48 DVDs. Two shelves behind two sliding glass doors hold your A/V components, along with books, CDs, or more DVDs. The back panel features a cut-out for mounting a flat screen up to 50" large.

The cabinet also includes cutouts for cord management between TV and components.

While Crate and Barrel's media center costs a few hundred more than reader Cecily was planning to spend at Walmart, this may be a good (and possibly more stable) solution.

Photos: Crate and Barrel

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