Create a "Get-Ready" Playlist to Leave the House on Time

Your daily routine is... well, daily, right? You should be a pro at blasting through mornings by now. So why is it so tough to manage your a.m. minutes and get out of the house on time? If you're chronically late to work or school, try this time management tool: A timed playlist.

This life-hacking infographic is full of tons of productivity and life efficiency tips. Our favorite, though, uses your iPod or home music player to keep your mornings on track:

Make your playlist exactly as long as you have to get ready in the morning. Go from chill songs to more energetic. You'll be able to tell how you are doing on time by the currently playing song.

Once you figure out how long you take to get ready in the morning (it's important to be honest with yourself here, and definitely stay away from the snooze button), it's easy to create a morning playlist in iTunes.

Open up iTunes on your machine and click on File > New Smart Playlist. The smart playlist can choose songs for you based on a number of different specs—artist, play frequency, or year released—but we're going to use the Time feature.

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By selecting a time range close to three minutes and telling the Smart Playlist wizard to pick ten songs from our library, we can create a playlist that's roughly 30 minutes long. YMMV (that's Your Math May Vary), just adjust the song length window or number of songs on the playlist.

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Turn this playlist up at 7:00 and you can be out the door by 7:30, every time. The songs even become benchmarks for you; you'll know you need to be out of the shower before "Rolling in the Deep" fades out.

It's a great tool for kids, too. Your 8-year-old might not know that it's 7:23, but he'll know he needs to be out the door before the end of "Forget You."

Via: Daily Infographic

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