Christmas Ornament Roundup: Create a Woodsy Wonderland

Christmas Ornament Roundup: Create a Woodsy Wonderland

Theresa Gonzalez
Dec 5, 2013
(Image credit: As Sourced Above)

This year I plan to skip the trek to the east coast and spend the holidays in my adopted home of San Francisco. That means I have the opportunity to buy my first tree! Unfortunately, my boyfriend is attached to his faux pop-up tree with built-in ornaments.

I'm still trying to convince him to go with a way-better-smelling real tree (the eco benefits are about the same when you consider the PVC that goes into his reusable one). Plus, we can make a night of the whole decorating part instead of the instant pop-up (although we both see the humor in it, so that's the saving grace).

In the meantime, I'm eyeing ornaments to stock up on when I finally win my case. Here is a roundup of woodsy ones that are trendy but still supercute. Enjoy!

Clockwise, from left:

  1. Threshold Soft Fox Ornaments (male and female), Target
  2. Winter Pioneers, Target
  3. Wilbury Fox, Anthropologie
  4. Rustic Wood Deer Head, Etsy
  5. Wood States, Etsy
  6. Owl, Anthropologie
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