Create A Writing Box

Create A Writing Box

Janie Lee
Aug 16, 2011

Robin wrote to us with a fantastic idea she came up with called the Writing Box. If you've got kids old enough to scribble you'll want to take note.

The Writing Box is simply a compartmentalized box stuffed with all types of interesting office supplies to encourage writing. Robin explains:

Once my daughter started drawing and writing, our office supplies started disappearing. Therefore, I decided to organize her own office supplies into a writing box. She loved it so much that I knew her classmates would enjoy them too. Therefore, before the onslaught of kindergarten birthday invitations rolled in, I hit the dollar stores and back-to-school sales and began stockpiling items for writing boxes to give as birthday presents. They were a huge success with girls, boys, and parents alike. My daughter and I especially enjoyed the thank-you notes that were made with the writing box contents. The only downfall is coming up with a new gift for this year's 1st grade round of parties!

By the way, the preschool gift was a bit simpler: two sketch pads and a set of magic markers gift-wrapped in craft paper with a jump-rope tied around the present as a bow. My kid is a bit of a social butterfly and attends lots of parties. I find it easier to always have a gift (the same gift for every child) ready to go at a moment's notice!

If you like this idea, it's a great time to get started on creating these as many stores are having back to school supply promotions as well as tax free shopping days.

Thanks, Robin!

(Image: Robin Parke)

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