(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
A compact laptop desk can be a really versatile and visually gorgeous solution. But its good looks come from a sacrifice of space—storage space to be exact. If you go the laptop route, you'll definitely need a place to store all of your extra office supplies—we're digging on this hallway closet satellite station. Check it out!
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
When you're tight on space you begin to look at every little nook as a potential storage warehouse.

And since there's probably plenty of unused space beneath the coats in your hallway closet, why not turn it into your satellite office supply room?

We're loving this picture from MarthaStewart.com because it shows that multi-tasking your space doesn't have to look overloaded. Her team created easily portable storage by attaching casters to store-bout shelving units, then stocking those shelves with boxes and tins to keep small things in line.

It's still a great inspiration for anyone who's not-quite-Marthas, even if everything you own isn't yellow.