Create Positive Habits, Lose Unwanted Ones for a Healthier, Happier You

Create Positive Habits, Lose Unwanted Ones for a Healthier, Happier You

Jason Rodway
Sep 26, 2012

Want to read more or perhaps jog regularly? Perhaps you'd like to eat healthier or be consistently productive? Forming habits take effort, but thankfully there are quite a few apps to help coach you along the way. Why wait for New Year's to make resolutions when you can improve your life today?


Left: Lift - Right: Healthy Habits Premium

This beautiful and simple app has been my addiction for the last several days. With the help of Twitter and Facebook, you and your social circle can help build positive habits by checking in on your accomplishments. There is a huge selection of habits to follow, such as read, write for 30 minutes, clean out your inbox, jog, sleep before midnight, drink more water, etc. Free

Healthy Habits Premium
Exercising healthy habits leads to an increase in energy, which optimizes your daily potential. Healthy Habits tracks your goals related to diet and exercise and rewards you with a satisfying achievement system. I find the post card to your future self a great touch to keep you motivated and on track. $5


Left: The Habit Factor - Right: Habit Streak Pro

The Habit Factor
Habit Factor aims to help you meet your goals by forming healthy habits that will get you there. It comes with features such as habit alignment technology, which can speed up your progress by selecting the necessary habits surrounding your goals. It's a very professional app, with a high emphasis on results. $5
Also on iOS: $7

Habit Streak Pro
Sometimes the best method is to let the evidence speak for itself, and Habit Streak Pro is an approachable way to log your habits, good and bad. With the widget function you have quick access to pop in numbers, and when there's a spare moment you can see your progress through charts. An effective self motivator for anyone who requires more control over their numbers. $3

Windows Phone 7

Left: Habitual - Right: KickSmoking

Need a heads up? Habitual works for even the pickiest user with customizable habits and a reminder system to give a nudge when needed. It supports multiple habits at a time and can be adjusted to meet scheduled ones that only occur on certain days. Receive badges and share your devotion to the task over Facebook or Twitter. Free

Probably the king of all bad habits is smoking. You have to run to designated spots to satiate the urge several times a day, and everyone tells you off constantly. Only you can kick the habit, and when you decide to take the plunge, KickSmoking is an amazingly helpful coach to have on your side. This app pools the pros of quitting, such as listing money saved and health benefits. Free

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