Get Cheerful Color Coordination With
Color Plus Lamps

Lamps Plus

We've all been there: spending hours scouring lighting sections for an accent lamp and shade in the perfect color. The Color Plus™ Collection from Lamps Plus eliminates decor distress by offering handcrafted lamps and shades available in over 60 on-trend colors. Whether you prefer a contemporary lighting style or a tailored traditional look, these newly launched lamps will brighten up any room in your home. Discover the 60+ colors of Color Plus™ Lamps and find your hue!
Hand-crafted by artisans in California, Color Plus™ lamps are available in over 60 on-trend designer colors. Each glossy glass lamp comes with a crisp white shade or striped shade in coordinating colors. The brushed steel finish base and finial balance the look for any modern décor.

Picking a Shade
If you're stumped about which accent color to go with for your space, here's a simple trick: Look around your room and choose your favorite object. The larger the better, but it could be a rug, a painting, or even a flourishing house plant. Once you've got your inspiration piece in mind, choose a shade from the Color Plus™ Collection that either matches it exactly or one that complements. (Remember that color wheel you learned about in fourth grade? Check out Color Theory 101 for a refresher.) And you're done!

Images: Lamps Plus