Plasti Dip: The Technicolor Dream Coating

Plasti Dip: The Technicolor Dream Coating

Elizabeth Licata
Sep 5, 2012

My husband no longer has to be worried that I'm going to gold-leaf every last surface in the house. It's not that I've suddenly discovered restraint or anything — it's just that I've discovered Plasti Dip's "Create Your Color Kit," and my apartment may well become the world's largest rubber room.

Plasti Dip is a stretchy, rubbery, synthetic coating for pretty much anything a person can think of. (Hot pink dishwasher racks? Best idea.) The Create Your Color Kit comes with pigments in black, white, red, yellow, and blue. Flashing back to first-grade art class, I'm pretty sure that means you can make pretty much any color you'd want. You can even dip things multiple times for a cool striped effect. Design Sponge did those great rubber-dipped toothbrushes.

First up on my list are my scissors, as per NYmag's illustration. From there, everything in my house seems rife with dipping potential: knife handles, tool handles, door handles, lamps, chair legs, table legs, mannequin legs, my legs, picture frames, handbags, old jewelry, that turquoise armoire I thought was such a good idea in 2010. (I might be getting a little carried away here.) And why are ironing board legs so plain, anyway?

What do you think would be good to dip? Let us know in the comments.

(Image: Design Sponge)

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