Create Your Own Green at Home Yoga Studio

Create Your Own Green at Home Yoga Studio

Trent Johnson
Jan 30, 2009

I love my local yoga studio to which I go weekly, but there are days, particularly the cold and rainy days when I dread riding my bike, that I'd prefer to practice at home. Here's a great little green personal yoga studio / guest house by Carter Burton Architecture that I would love to have, and a few more down to earth ideas for practicing at home.

This 600 sq. ft. personal studio/guest house has the best of green technologies including SIP-based construction, geothermal heating, passive solar construction, locally-sourced materials, green roof, and LED lighting. You can see more photos of this great 600 sq. ft. personal studio/guest house, located outside Washington DC - but on to creating your own personal yoga retreat!

A designated space to practice yoga will help you stay on course and focus. To have a private yoga space at home, obtain as many of the following:

  • A naturally lit warm space.
  • A temperature of 75 0 85 degrees is ideal, but don't heat your whole place. A small space heater works, as does practicing in front of the fireplace, or a running dishwasher. Heat helps muscles relax and allows you to be more flexible.
  • Natural scents such as those from lavender oil can help provide the sense of tranquility.
  • Hardwood or tile floor is best for a stable base.
  • An eco-yoga mat. (Polyvinyl chloride, the main ingredient for many yoga mats, is very toxic for the environment. Ensure you invest in an eco yoga mat - here is a roundup from Stephanie)
  • A small blanket, an eco yoga block (or thick book/phone book would work) and a strap (an old belt also works).
  • A laptop for routines and tranquil music.

But you're not exactly sure what to do at practice?

  • Yoga Builder is a Web site that helps you put together your own routine by listing out options, and helping you put them together. A little practice, and you'll have a routine you enjoy.
  • Yoga Today has free online daily classes 7 days a week with the beautiful backdrop of Jackson Hole, WY.
  • iTunes has great some great PodCasts with video of yoga routines that are free to view.

Any other ideas for creating your own yoga retreat?

Yoga retreat via InHabitat

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