Creating A Big Boy's Room That Will Endure

Creating A Big Boy's Room That Will Endure

Janie Lee
Jul 21, 2011

A couple weeks ago we showed you an example of a big girl's room that will grow with your child. It's the boys' turn now!

This is a fantastic example of a boy's room that is charming and masculine. The standout feature in the room is wood paneled wall behind the bed. This is not wood paneling of the 1970s; no. Rather we're talking rich wood blanks applied horizontally to the wall. Tied for first place for me along with the wood paneling is the industrial light fixture. The bed isn't something you'll find in a children's furniture store but it works well here. Another feature that helps make the room is the mix of patterned textiles. It keeps things fun without being too juvenile. The artwork picks up on the colors in the room and really pops because it's visually the busiest thing in the room. All of the major pieces in the room would work just as well for a preschooler as well as a teenager.

(Image via Pinterest)

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