Creating a Bohemian Bathroom Retreat

Creating a Bohemian Bathroom Retreat

Marcia Prentice
Aug 2, 2010

I am lucky to not have to share a bathroom with anyone (especially someone of the opposite sex). My bathroom is the only space in the apartment that is truly mine. I have been tossing around some design ideas for my small bathroom for years, but have left it half finished. After covering Alicia's "Flea Market Faboosh" House Tour, which was a well balanced and colorful retreat, I decided I wanted to boost my bathroom's feminine and bohemian style.

I rounded up a few accessories that spoke to my softer side. I do realize that the cuter our bathroom looks and feels, the longer I may take to get ready to go out. However, a space that is welcoming and compliments your personal style has many benefits that outweigh a little extra time in the bathroom.

Top Row:

Bottom Row:


(Images: Anthropologie, Bloomingdales, West Elm)

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