Creating a Romantic Interior

When out chasing "the dream," life moves at a fast pace; therefore, we like to create balance with a romantic, calming home. The basic elements of design including shape and color can dictate the mood of a home. By simply aligning the elements of design, decor, and lighting, small changes in the home can create a large impact.

Romantic Decor Ideas:

  • Purchase Fresh Flowers: We try to make a habit of picking up our favorite flowers when shopping for the week's groceries. Flowers add an element of life and romance to the home.
  • Light Candles: In the evening, it is nice to light a few candles and turn on calming music before preparing to cook dinner.
  • Incorporate Soft Colors: Muted colors in the home promote a sedated environment. The colors could be incorporated through the paint on the walls, hue of the furniture, or smaller accessories.
  • Feature Furniture with Curves and Soft Shapes: Curves represent sensuality and softness. A great example of furniture embracing curves is the demilune console table.
  • Splurge on Lighting: Lighting has a profound impact on the psychological effect of the interior. To achieve a romantic decorative aesthetic, light fixtures such as a chandelier can create a serene mood. Also, installing a dimmer switch allows the ability to dim the lights to create more intimate and calming lighting.
  • Use Mirrors: Mirrors reflect and enhance the lighting in the space.

How do you bring a touch of romance into your home?

(Image: Erin Martin Design)

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