Inspiring Workspace Solutions: Nooks, Closets and Offices

Spending hour after hour in my home office finishing a last minute project, I got a little distracted and decided to see what other people are working with (aka how their offices/workspaces were decorated). I will admit after seeing of few lustful spaces I was a little envious.

The "small but mighty" phrase applies to a few of the spaces. Just because your working area may be a simple nook or the under the stairs solution, doesn't mean it can't be fabulous. On the other end, if you are lucky to have the space to dedicate a whole room to an office, it is nice to have a seating area for guests. In my case, I have a sofa in my office that makes it convenient to take power naps in between long work sessions. No matter what category a workspace fits into, as long as it is comfortable, inspiring, and conducive to an extended amount of time working, I view it as a success.

Top Row:

Bottom Row:

What are some of your most creative workspace solutions? Has anyone turned their closet into a home office?

MORE INFO: To see the full tour of Gregory Han's office, check out The Black Hole Home Office.

Images: Desire to Inspire (Images #1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9), emmas designblogg (Image #4), The Selby (Image #2), Gregory Han (Image #7)

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