Creating Community with a Game of Huntopoly


When we first stumbled across Mike Lanza's blog Playborhood, we saw his creativity in action in the front yard family room he built. He's been hard at work, devising new and innovative ways for kids and families to come together in their neighborhood. His latest invention is 'Huntopoly', a combination Monopoly and scavenger hunt that helps kids get to know the people in their community better.

Mike's idea for Huntopoly started with an art project: a driveway mural that shows a map of the neighborhood. This map serves as a kind of massive Monopoly board, except the lots and spaces aren't Park Place or St. James' Place, they correspond to actual properties in the neighborhood.

Once he had the map, Mike added a scavenger hunt element that encourages the kids to explore homes and meet the people who live there.

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The concept and the execution are both brilliant, and Mike has created a lot of fantastic community spirit. In the photo above, the young kids met and got to know this widow with grown children, an encounter that never would have occurred without the Huntopoly game.

For more details about how to play and how to construct this game, check out Mike's site at Playborhood.

(Images: Mike Lanza)

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