Creating Depth With a Dark Back Wall

Creating Depth With a Dark Back Wall

Grace Shu
Oct 22, 2008

We spotted this creative kitchen in the latest issue of Sköna Hem. This home was once a two-bedroom flat, but after the owners opened up the attic, it expanded vertically into a four bedroom apartment. In order to give the kitchen an illusion of depth, the back wall was painted a deep navy blue. We particularly love the look of the moulding on the doors and the pop of chartreuse yellow lamps hanging over the counter. Take a look at a few more photos of the this stylish home after the jump...

View of the converted attic that is now a living room/den; and a detail of the kitchen with its navy blue wall of doors.

Home office area and Bedroom

To see all the photos of the home, check out Sköna Hem.

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