Creating More Work Surface in the Kitchen


If you have a frustratingly small kitchen, chances are you're always looking for a way to gain more work surface. Here are some of our favorite solutions and inspirations for creating that sought after space. Do you have any tips for freeing up counter space or hacking a small kitchen situation?

1. Modular Accordion Kitchen Countertop By Olga Kalugina
2. Create Counter Space: Over-the-Sink Cutting Boards
3. Lap Counter by Tomas Kral
4. Kitchen Spotlight: Slide-Out Worktops in a Tiny Galley
5. Small Space Solution: Going Vertical
6. Small Space Solutions: A Folding Island
7. Need More Space? Expand Your Window Sills
8. Joe Colombo's Minikitchen
9. Space Saver: Folding Kitchen Island
10. Small Space Solution: Refrigerator Side Shelf