Creating Wall Art With Your Voice: Voice Art

Looking for an unusual holiday gift? Got the gift of gab or a voice people remark as golden (or shrill)? Here's a way to forever capture a short message visually. Voice Art Gallery's Voice Art converts a recorded/uploaded message, whether sweet or profane, into a piece of personalized and customizable giclee wall art...

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After recording your message via Flash recorder on the Voice Art Gallery site or uploading an audio file, you'll then choose a color to match the visual representation of your recording, then the size (8"x10" is $75, while a 36"x54" print will set you back $455), and finally a frame option (roll, canvas mount, wood frame mount). We're guessing this could be a pretty well received gift if you've got a singer, musician or sound technician in your life!

[via BLTD]