The shopping world is full of expensive and humdrum lamps, but each of these handmade beauts comes in at under $100.

Several of these finds require a certain level of skill and/or patience. Others are reminders that, with the right tools, pretty much anything can become a light source. If you'd like to try your hand at it, check out Colleen's direction on how to wire a lamp.

Fresh mint lamp by FiligreeCreations, $45
Bliss coffee can lamp by YellowSquareLove, $65
Upcycled basket pendant light by BootsNGus, $28
Cotton paper origami lampshade by Nellianna, $69
Brick fragment light by Anzfer, $80

Louvre map lamp by CzechPub, $38
The Menlo Park Lamp- Single Edison Bulb in Curly Maple by TheDapperLlama, $95
Lampshade -Origami Lionfish by GreenWallNL, $29.95
Socket chandelier by Hsup, $79
Blue teacup light by Mostazaseed, $38

(Images as linked)