From Suitcase to Lounge Chair in One DIY Weekend

Crafty Magazine

I love the way a punchy piece can add character to a bland room. An unexpected piece of furniture speaks to both the personality of the room, and the personality of the dweller. Just imagine this suitcase chair in the home of a frequent world traveler. The phrase "living out of a suitcase" has never been more spot-on.

The whole thing is a DIY project featured on Crafty Magazine. Once you have a sturdy old suitcase (plus foam, wood and fabric), all you need is a weekend and some quick maker skills (sawing, drilling and hammering) to literally hammer out this chair. It turns a cozy corner into a real getaway. The photos and directions should guide anyone with a little DIY know-how to creating a unique statement piece for their living room or bedroom.

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(Image credits: Crafty Magazine; REcreate/NotCot/Casa Korea)