Creative DIY: How to Make A Round Rug from Flor Tiles


We're big fans of Flor carpet tiles for their awesome selection and commitment to sustainability, but it's even better when someone improves upon a product to make it work in their own home. To compliment his Burke table, Tyler over at Plastolux recently came up with a way to create a round rug from a series of sixteen floor tiles.

One thing's for sure: when it comes to cutting out perfect circles, there should definitely be some math involved. To do this, Tyler created what is essentially a large-scale compass with a utility knife fastened to one end.

With the tiles turned over and taped together, he was able to use his contraption to score a perfect circle (using a fixed bolt at the center to keep the compass in place) and then made the remaining cuts by hand.

Here's to DIY ingenuity!

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(Images: Plastolux)