Book Showers & Other Creative Ideas for Baby Showers

Book Showers & Other Creative Ideas for Baby Showers

Landis Carey
Mar 20, 2012

No matter your love for or superstitions about traditional baby showers, there's something special about celebrating your impending arrival with loved ones. The occasion doesn't have to be traditional by design; in fact, it doesn't even need to involve gifts or games. Here are a few fun ideas to creatively celebrate your little one…

Book Shower: Throwing a book shower where guests bring their favorite kid books instead of traditional gifts is a really great way to establish your child's library. As the guest of honor open gifts, ask the person who gave the book why they love it so. Mom and Dad will always remember the stories and have something special to share with their child one day.

Mocktails & Dinner: What's a mocktail? It's a super-yummy, non-alcoholic beverage that's even more delicious for expecting moms because they can freely and limitlessly indulge. Take advantage of free evenings now and celebrate the parents-to-be. Throw a dinner party complete with mocktails and stay up way past bedtime.

Day of Indulgence: There might not be anything more delicious towards the end of a pregnancy than a spa day. Grab her best gals and celebrate mom-to-be with a day of manicures, pedicures and massages.

Couples Shower: Couples showers aren't a new concept but they're still a fun spin on the tradition. Involving hubby and his pals makes for a fun dynamic where laughs will surely be had. Put a creative spin on the party and choose a theme the couple is passionate about, like sailing.

Cupcakes & Crafts: What's a better way to celebrate a little one than with a craft party? Personalize onesies, create a handmade mobile or craft softies for baby's play mat.

Sprinkle Shower: Maybe you're superstitious or perhaps you're on your second or third baby — maybe it's been awhile since you were a new mom — it's okay for someone to throw a Sprinkle (aka light on the gifts) Shower for you and your bundle.

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