By now, many of us have switched to CFL light bulbs, but if you still have an incandescent bulb or two, you're just steps away from a cool little terrarium, aquarium, bud vase, or other creative reuse project. You might also collect bulbs from family members and friends (buy them a CFL in exchange and you'll be doing even more good!). Or hop over to Etsy, where a number of sellers offer readymade versions.

1 Mixed Moss Terrarium – $16 from Etsy seller MossTerrariums
2 Bud Vase – DIY instructions at ReadyMade
3 Tiny Terrarium – DIY instructions at The Hipster Home
4 Hanging Vases – DIY instructions at Care2
5 Valentine – DIY instructions at Design*Sponge

6 Greenhouse – DIY instructions at Instructables
7 Aquarium – $20 from Etsy seller SagesLeaf
8 Bud Vase – Spotted by AT:SF in Mexico
9 Edison Air Planter – $7.95 from Etsy seller chicweed
10 Ship In a Bottle – DIY instructions at Instructables

TeamDroid also has good instructions for how to Hollow Out A Light Bulb.

(Images: MossTerrariums, Marty Baldwin/ReadyMade, Julie/The Hipster Home, Veronica Peterson/Care2, Kate Pruitt/Design*Sponge, Instructables, SagesLeaf, Danielle Henderson, chicweed, Instructables)

Originally published 2010-07-01