Looking for the perfect bookshelf for the bibliophile in your life? Consider these bookshelves created by CA artist Jim Rosenau from actual vintage books. According to Rosenau's website, "No books that could change the course of world events are harmed in the production."

The unique shelves and pieces of furniture at This Into That are made from real books, though some of the paper pages are removed and replaced with a sturdy armature of salvaged lumber. Most of the books come from donations, recycling centers, and library discards; Rosenau prefers to work with older hardback books that "look better than they read", and tries to research any books that look valuable for placement with rare book dealers. The shelves are sturdy enought to support typical loads, but must be kept out of direct sunlight, and are subject to damage by abrasion and moisture. Rosenau can create a custom shelf using the book or central theme of your choice.