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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Jennifer shrunk one of her wool sweaters in the wash .... and ended up with a wine cozy. This project takes just the slightest bit of needle and thread, but we still think just about anyone could duplicate it.

Object(s): The sleeve of a wool sweater that got shrunk in the wash
Project: Wine cozy
Instructions: Pretty simple: Start with a felted sweater that gets very tight after it is washed. It should almost stand up by itself. Put the sleeve over the wine bottle. Make sure the hole at the neck of the bottle will allow the whole bottle to be pulled through. Cut bottom where it meets the base of the wine bottle. Turn inside out and sew a circle onto the bottom. Turn right side out and voila. I rolled the opening of the wine cozy over and hand sewed it down so it stayed in that rolled position. I think it is a nice effect.
Inspiration: Not really, I always play with felted wool and this idea just came from playing with the material.