This HVAC Worker Found a Creepy Secret Room Hidden in His Job Site's Attic

This HVAC Worker Found a Creepy Secret Room Hidden in His Job Site's Attic

Tess Wilson
Oct 12, 2017
(Image credit: Zapylaiev Kostiantyn/Shutterstock)

People spend a ton of money on Halloween decorations and haunted houses every year, but there's nothing creepier than the real world in which we live. Join the bravest HVAC worker in the world on a tour that has freaked this writer the hell out. Spoiler alert: there's a secret room!!!

This video is just over four minutes, and as someone who usually doesn't like to watch anything longer than a GIF, I can say that it's totally worth the watch. Join me!

(Image credit: ViralHog on YouTube)

The video tour starts innocently enough, with the guy walking us through a clean garage and up what looks like a brand-new ladder to the attic. He was sent by his company to change out the a/c unit, which meant crawling into the attic space to investigate the current system. And that's when things got interesting....

0:23 I've climbed MUCH scarier ladders! So far, so good.

0:36 Now things take a turn: there's a carpeted walkway. Why would there be carpet in a garage attic? This can't be good.

0:47 Vocabulary alert! Plenum: "an air-filled space in a structure; especially "one that receives air from a blower for distribution (as in a ventilation system)" Thanks, Merriam-Webster!

1:10 NEVER follow the carpeted space around, especially in a vulnerable position like on your belly!

(Image credit: ViralHog on YouTube)

1:30 A disguised door! That's kind of fun. Maybe it will be like the Hon's Cupboard in Nancy Mitford's books...

1:50 The "freakin' room" has blood-red floors!

(Image credit: ViralHog on YouTube)

2:21 Could not be less surprised to see the men's room sign.

2:22 The secret room has its own secret room.

2:45 Holy s*** indeed, brave HVAC worker. The creepy dangly pipe is a TOILET.

3:15 Our hero just closed himself inside the secret room and I am horrified. It's not worth it, sir! Always keep an escape route clear!

3:24 It is plum adorable how excited HVAC hero is about the vent. He loves his work!

(Image credit: VIralHog on YouT