Cristian's Open Floor Plan in Bucharest

House Call

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Name: Cristian
Location: Bucharest, Romania

This is my small studio apartment (around 38 squared meters) in a typical socialist apartment building located in Bucharest. I bought it almost 7 years ago, but only recently I had the time and resources to give it a makeover. 

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The first thing I did was to remove any interior wall that divided an already small space in different even smaller rooms (living, entrance, kitchen). I really love the open floor plans and I don't mind at all that every space is in plain sight. It just motivates me to keep everything clear, ordered and un-cluttered. 

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The kitchen space is visible from every part of the studio, therefore I wanted to be as least "kitchen-looking" as possible. However, the simple, basic kitchen is just enough for my minimal cooking, vegetarian diet. 

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Apart form the kitchen space, everything else can be easily moved, so the space always looks different. I never get bored of moving things around and reconfiguring the plan. 

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In general I am really fond of Scandinavian design, yet I hope that my space will, in the end, look a bit more eclectic. The decoration is not yet complete, but I like the fact that my small studio is a work in progress.

Thanks, Cristian!

(Images: Cristian Branea)

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