Crochet Cozy for Modern Spaces: Granny Squares

Crochet Cozy for Modern Spaces: Granny Squares

Theresa Gonzalez
Jan 26, 2012
Just a touch of granny on the back cozies up a neutral IKEA sofa.
My day job is the editor of Crochet Today magazine. Lately, I've been seeing granny square afghans pop up in modern homes. I've been thinking about adding one to my all grey-and-white living room (one in grey, white, and robin's egg blue, perhaps).

So I started to look around at color combos that worked to warm up modern spaces. These stood out to me as ones that did. If you like, you can find vintage or handmade ones on eBay and Etsy (or even request specific color combos), or if you're crafty, make one yourself! What do you think? Too granny for your taste or just the right cozy?

1-2. Where Your Heart Is
3. Sandra Juto
4. Design Sponge
5. Rosy Little Things
6. Fuck Yeah Granny Square
7. Emma Lamb

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