(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Nothing quite says old-timey like cane back chairs and cross stitch, but the combination of the two is surprisingly modern. When Cinti found an old cane back chair on the side of the road, she cleaned it up, grabbed her needles and yarn, and turned it into something special.

Using the cross stitch technique typically applied to tapestry canvas, Cinti added a bright, graphic pattern that plays with the texture and characteristics of the cane webbing. She found the center line of the webbing to situate her design, and let the stitching hold itself on the back of the chair. The needles never puncture the webbing or frame, and if she ever wants to remove or change it out it will be an easy fix.

The same treatment would look fantastic on an old nursery rocker, bringing it up to date and adding a fun handmade touch. See exactly how Cinti pulled it off at My Poppet.

(Image: My Poppet)