Ctrl+Alt+Del Felt Throw Pillows

Ctrl+Alt+Del Felt Throw Pillows

Taryn Williford
Apr 8, 2009

Typography is popping up everywhere in artwork lately, from the curious and giant "5" artwork to the watercolor typography illustrations by Alberto Seveso. As you should do with most art trends, take the elements and styles that you like and bring them into your home decor. So if you like the form of words and letters and you like computers and tech, try these pillows...

The Ctrl+Alt+Del pillows are from Etsy seller diffraction fiber, who also makes amazing PB&J pillows.

They're handmade from Eco-Felt (100% recycled Plastic bottles) to replicate the keyboard keys of the infamous three-keystroke PC command, but these pillows look like more stylized versions seen through the eyes of a minimalist graphic designer.

Pick up the light gray set of three 12-inch pillows here at Etsy for $60. Or get just the pillowcases (without pillow inserts) for a $7.50 discount and a reduced shipping rate.

[ Via TechDigest ]

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