Cube Shelf

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We have a dread of excessive knick-knacks that dates back to our least favorite childhood chore: dusting. In fact, for years our favorite way of describing decorative objects with no function was ... dust-collectors.

Our advancing years are not only expanding our vocabulary but mellowing our curmudgeonly convictions. We've recently decided that a limited number of tchotchkes is home- and life-enhancing, so long as they're well-chosen (i.e., they have signifigance to you and you like looking at them all the time), and they're confined to areas where they're not easily knocked about.The Company Store's wall-mounted cube shelf is a good place for your objets d'art -- kind of a modern-day curio cabinet.

We like the open back. If your bibelots are fairly monochromatic, we'd try painting the wall behind the unit an eye-catching color to set them off. If not, your whatnots will be most striking against a neutral wall color.

(The cube shelf unit is also just deep enough (5") to hold small books.)

Available online at The Company Store.