Orangita Cuckoo Clock

Orangita Cuckoo Clock

Feb 20, 2007

What a great, thoroughly modern take on the traditional cuckoo clock.

With its retro elements (the walnut frame and the biomorphic shape) and modern detailing (the sleek clock face and the Plexi dome), we were drawn to this glossy orange tick-tocker from across a room, unaware of its pièce de résistance, a small mechanical bird, perched in anticipation of the hour.

It delighted even more under close scrutiny: the bird is beautifully-stylized and looks perfectly at home behind the dome of its zestily modern birdhouse. [close-up after the jump]

When the bird (a Puffin maybe?) is at rest, the clock hums with the rhythm of the ocean. An odd sound to emanate from a cuckoo clock . . . but this is no ordinary cuckoo clock.

Though the little bird never cuckoo'ed while we were within range, we can assure you that it is endearing without being cloyingly cute.

File under Not Cheap: $598 at Anthropologie.

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