Cult of Personality: Toilet Decor

Featured on The Selby

As a decor blog, it's a lot easier than you might think to lose sight of what's "real" and what's...well, hmm..."relatable"? You see, when we research ideas to write posts about, we'll spend hours trying to find a new angle to, say, bathrooms; and we'll get caught up in a trail of concept toilets or gold-plated sinks that spout Hawaiian punch or whatever. Not to say that these ideas aren't great, but...

...sometimes the best inspirations come from real homes--especially when the people who live there have a great sense of humor.

To that end, we compiled a few of our favorite photos from The Selby featuring bathroom decor. Specifically, what people put on top of or around their toilet tank. Check it out:

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This toilet tank is covered in a flower print and the entire bathroom has a lovely bird motif. On top of the tank are few magazines with two owl bookends.

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A more conventional toilet vignette; classy, even: Daffodils and Chanel No. 5

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Heh. "You don't know the power of the dark side!"

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Every throne needs a bit of gold...even if it's molded plastic with glitter...?

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Perhaps my favorite toilet tank topper yet: Mark the Cobra Snake's vintage gasoline tank.

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Toilet Roll installation.

So: What's on your toilet tank?

(Images: The Selby)