Curtains for Unique Window Configuration?

Curtains for Unique Window Configuration?

Regina Yunghans
Mar 1, 2015
(Image credit: Claire)

Q: I moved into a new apartment two months ago, which I'm still trying to make cozy (and let's face it, still unpacking). I want to ditch these vertical blinds, but there are a few things going on that make me unsure of how to best hang my living room curtains.

How should I hang my living room curtains using what I have and without spending hours or lots of money?

What's going on: Two different sized windows coming together at the corner of my living room plus very deep window ledges/ half walls spanning all of both walls. My photos (even with the poor lighting) probably do a better job showing what I'm working with:

Bigger window = 70"Wx44"H
Smaller window = 33"Wx44"H
Vertical blind track/valance to window ledge/half wall= 14"H
Window ledges/half walls = 8"D
Between the valance and window pane = 6"D

I have three sets of curtains (two panels/set) and two standard curtain rod (with brackets). Gray and light blue curtain panels = 57"x98". Green panels = 52"x84"

(Image credit: Claire)
(Image credit: Claire)
(Image credit: Claire)

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