Scallop print is a classic, and a welcome change if you're tired of chevron and stripes. Take it big with a wallpaper that's reminiscent of art deco patterns, or keep it small with a modern, graphic plate.

  1. A perfect reading chair, upholstered in Studio Bon's Scallop fabric. Price available upon request.
  2. Add an unexpected pattern to a sunny kitchen with Grow House Grow's Mme. Jeanne wallpaper. $180 a roll at Grow House Grow.
  3. The pattern would look equally cool on your pooch. $17 at Creature Collars.
  4. A gorgeous reissue Edward Fields's 1970s-era Lonesome Road rug. Price upon request.
  5. Add to your eclectic plate collection with Anna Backlund's black and white plate. Approximately $19 at Shelf.

(Images: As linked above.)