Cushioned Duct Tape Laptop Sleeve

Cushioned Duct Tape Laptop Sleeve

Taryn Williford
Mar 6, 2009

We're sure you've all seen duct tape wallets and prom dresses before, but now somebody at Instructables has taken the duct-tape-adhesive-as-fabric concept and combined it with a little bit of pacing foam to make a DIY padded sleeve for your laptop to feel at home in. So grab a $4 roll of the sticky stuff in a color of your choice (2 rolls of contrasting colors if you like the racing stripe detail on this one) and lets get started...

If you've already got some cutting and measuring tools at home, like a box cutter and a metal ruler, then all you really need to get to make this cozy is duct tape and some foam packing sheets.

Check out the whole DIY here at Intructables.

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