Create Your Own: Custom Paint Deck from Wooden Paint Stirrers

Create Your Own: Custom Paint Deck from Wooden Paint Stirrers

Jessica Tata
Feb 22, 2012

I take a strange sense of pride in saving the paint chips from all of the colors on my wall. They're filed in a home folder, and I can always refer to them when I need to. But this little DIY is a brilliant way to take your paint colors with you in the most accurate way---I'm making one ASAP!

It's always hard to tell exactly what a paint color will look like from a small swatch. That's why you're supposed to test it in a small area first. This little custom paint deck idea from Natty by Design seems to me to be a fantastic way to bring the real paint color with you.

"Natty" (her childhood nickname carried over into her blog) gives a simple step-by-step to assembling a $2 custom swatch book. Simply paint portions of the stir sticks they provide at hardware stores, drill some holes, and use a large binder ring to secure them. It would be simple to include any wallpapers you might have, wood stains or colors, and fabrics you'd like to match.

If you're like me, constantly adding projects to your list and bringing home new ideas for furniture and curtains and anything else imaginable, this is a fantastic and useful tool!

(Images: Natty by Design)

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